Air condition complex of Tunnel Blanka

Tunnel Blanka
Blanka tunnel is the large structure realized  in the construction north-west part of the Prague City Circle Road whose total length is 6 382m and it completes this way already build part of city circle of length 17 km with Zlíchovský, Mrázovka and Strahovský tunnels.One important part of the tunnel Blanka is the portal part of excavated tunnels on Letná. In the open excavation with a depth of up to 25 m there are located, except the underground junction (with four tunnel ramps), also its own underground tunnel tubes, technology center and underground garage with 863 parking places.

Air condition complex Letná
For the needs of a tunnel complex was necessary to provide fresh air and exhaust fumes through the construction of the above mentioned technology center, which includes Ventilation complex under the city part Letná.

It was a very difficult shaped structure of the tunnel ventilation complex. Because of the designed technology the individual disparate channels were linking together. "Disparate" were not only by shape but also by height and inclination. This represented a challenge for the company Ulma Construccion CZ, especially for the Meccano system, which thanks to its variability and adaptability passed this test. The fundamental idea of construction set passed, as in terms of handling and striking, but even in challenging conditions "outsized" transferring large loads, which originates at the concreting of natural tunnels. The benefit of Meccano system has been its ability to encompass all shape variability of individual construction part; it should be noted that only with full deployment of the system elements and minimum number of special parts.
Each tunnel profile was so unique that the situation called for quite a demanding technical analysis of each individual channel, including connections. Thanks to the cooperation company Ulma CZ and ALPI IT, thanks to theirs many years of technical experience, it was allowed to submit the contractor a perfectly functional tunnel forms exclusively composed of one system.

List of  realized objects by ULMA Construcción CZ:

2011 - VZT Tunnel Blanka - SO 05 Engineering Ventilation Centre
2011 - VZT Tunnel Blanka - Intersections into Tunnel SO 05
2011 - VZT Tunnel Blanka - Tunnel SO  04
2011 - VZT Tunnel Blanka - Tunnel SO  03
2011 - VZT Tunnel Blanka - Tunnel SO  07

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