2011 - VZT Blanka - SO 04



Project technical features
Big profile:
Height 9,7m
Lenght 56m
The concrete volume for one phase 60m3
Small profile:
Height 5,2m
Lenght 46m
The concrete volume for one phase 36m3

Execution period: 03/2011-11/2011

Contractor: METROSTAV a.s., divize 5

Subject of supply:
Tunnel form for the big profile with steel envelope (h= 9.7 m, 6.125m) + tunnel form for small profile with the steel envelope (h= 5.2 m, l=6.125m) + Lower cart with wooden envelope (h=2.29m, l=6m, - the height adjusted h=5.23m), the formwork for twisted middle wall made from Meccano system equipped with wooden stencils.

Utilized system:

Project description:
The planned concreting was two-phases. During the first phase were realized a bottom of tunnel. Here the lower cart was used, equipped with stencils and wooden envelope allows the possibility of height adjusting for the part of higher dilatation joint by transition to the small profile.

Subsequently Ulma Construcción CZ delivered for both profiles, small and big, two tunnel forms length of 6.125m with steel envelope. 

Later, after both tunnel realizations, started the realization of twisted middle wall. The specific part of this wall was the section length of 18m, where the wall was twisted from vertical to horizontal position with constant 5° on 1 m. The concreting of this wall was divided into three phases length by 6m. The formwork was divided into 2 parts: formwork grids from Meccano system and the support structure – on request from separable elements – from Ortho system. The formwork grids were designed from systems Meccano +Omega. Grids were completed with the wooden stencils, designed exactly from 3D model cross sections. Thanks to chosen composition the final transition of twisted wall was smooth along its length, without any edges or offsets, which contributes to good aesthetic appearance of this construction part.


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